Posted on: May 22, 2009 2:12 pm

The REAL San Diego Chicken

Feel free to take of your mask at any time, Jake Peavy. We know the real you now.

I can understand the logic of wanting to stay at Petco Park because it's a pitcher's dream, but you'll never be able to sell that you want to 'win'. Ever. The White Sox are three years removed from a World Series Champtionship, and this move all but screamed they wanted to win one again this season. Instead, Peavy nixed the trade because he wants to stay in the NL. He's afraid of AL hitters. Any pitcher who doesn't believe their stuff can get past anyone is a coward.

There are plenty of AL pitchers who would beg to differ. Roy Halladay, Zach Grienke, Mark Buehrle, Justin Verlander. Hell, CC Sabathia came BACK to the AL despite owning the NL. Sure, the fat contract was what eventually tipped the scales, but he could have easily signed a one year deal to stay in the NL and gotten even fatter money. What we know about pro sports is, someone will always pay more. Buehrle is off to a tremendous start and Peavy would have given us a devastating one-two punch at the front of the rotation. I'm sure some of this is sour grapes on my part, but I have no doubt if Kenny Williams can fly under the radar and go after a player the caliber of Peavy, then he'll eventually pull the trigger on another player.

But, as far as Peavy goes, he's lost all credibility. What he wants is to be a Cub, but even they have said the asking price is too high right now. I have no doubt he'll eventually be traded. His contract is entirely too big and the Padres are bad. They have to trade him to a team that can offer something in return as they attempt to rebuild around Adrien Gonzalez, who's an absolute monster.

Personally, I hope he ends up a Pirate.

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